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We are reborn as krinza after a long journey of software and web development. Spreading words is never possible if we dont try to reach you phisically. So we are coming to you and establishing our phisical centers viz. krinza center and krinza service centers near by you. For this we are joining local start ups together and trying to build this earth more beatiful and easeily accesable.

Technology needs update

Since first generation technology have came miles away. But we believe rate of improvement and development not that faster, our technologies will put fire in this development and bring a new age of technology.

We are coding 'a secondry brain'

We silently adding new codes and preparing a beautiful world that is also reliable than never before. Simply we can say we are coding a secondry brain.

Meeting together

We frequently meet together and discus the all features suggetion requested by our customers, coz feature is love.

Spreding the word 'krinza'

Every firm needs brand loyalty and a name that is spoken readly in day to day life. Thats what we want we will reach to you and thruogh events near by you so you can know us all the way.

smartphone is not enough

A decade gone of using the word 'smartphone' before this we were frightend to see music and basic featured phone gone possible. Now what you think, is better than a 'smartphones' possible?

What's up

We all forget old days as it goes out and somewhere we get glimps, laugh at that's what is going to be present days gadgets

What we do

We are coding

We are coding a new generation of mobile technology


We are not going to introduce as it us alfa stage, will be rolled out for beta testing soon

Setting up

We are setting up necessary things rendring it more handy.

Forget desktop

Our technology will make these all big gadgets 'things of past'.


We are linking some startups into our mission, mission to build the earth more beautiful and powerful

A diamond

This project is diamond of whole mobile and communication technology

Get in touch

We always welcome your calls, texts, mails. We respond your all queries whithin seconds. If you have any question for technical support, then talk to our support team.